At Reno Refills we help reduce waste and live more sustainably. Right now there’s a surge of interest in alternative ways to shop, more enthusiasm to cut back on plastic and wider commitment to ethical living – and it feels great!

Bring in your own containers and fill them with everyday whole foods like pasta, cereals or dried fruits or treat yourself – how about dark chocolate coated Brazil nuts and freshly ground organic coffee?

We have a wide range of wines and local spirits in refillable bottles, home and body care products such as washing up liquid and shower gel, as well as loose teas, delicatessen items and herbs & spices all available to purchase without packaging.

In our store there are plenty of choices for customers looking to make big or small changes to their shopping. It might be a wooden toothbrush for your first purchase or a bar of solid shampoo, and if you really get the bug we can top up your tubs with body cream, refill your bottles with Pinot Noir and reload your cloth bags with deluxe breakfast muesli and cashew nuts.

Our Story

In 2009 we began at farmer’s markets selling wine in refillable glass bottles motivated to show that it should be possible to enjoy ourselves with less impact on the environment.

Since then we have opened a permanent base in Wymondham, Norfolk, and now run a busy shop offering our refilling service on a huge range of goods.

We now refill about 5000 wine bottles every year!

Our online store showcases our favourite local producers, popular refillable drinks and carefully selected items from store cupboard essentials to decadent treats.


15-17 Market Street
Wymondham, Norfolk
NR18 0AJ


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