Natures Aid Chewable Calcium 400mg

£5.95 60 Tablets

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in your body and accounts for around 1.5% of total body weight of the average person. Calcium is mainly housed in your bones and teeth, with only 1% existing elsewhere such as your soft tissues and blood. Your body is constantly renewing its Calcium; in childhood Calcium is completely renewed each year and in adulthood the same process happens every ten years meaning regular intake is essential. It is no surprise that Calcium is needed for the maintenance of normal bones and normal teeth, however, this vital nutrient also contributes to normal muscle function, as well as blood clotting, energy-yielding metabolism, normal neurotransmission and the normal function of digestive enzymes. Rich sources of Calcium include milk, cheese, green leafy vegetables, nuts and fish such as sardines and pilchards. If Calcium rich foods are not part of your regular diet or you are looking for a handy way to maintain healthy levels, you may prefer to add a supplement of this essential mineral. Natures Aid lemon flavoured Chewable Calcium tablets provide 800mg of Calcium per daily dose. They also include Vitamin D3, which contributes to the normal absorption of Calcium and a normal blood Calcium level. The Vitamin D3 included is sourced from lichen, meaning these Chewable Calcium tablets are vegan friendly.


A convenient, lemon flavoured tablet with Calcium for the maintenance of normal bones and teeth.

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