Warre’s 1970 Vintage Port

£175.00 75 cl

Warre’s 1970 Vintage Port.  An excellent vintage and very special bottle.

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Warre’s 1970 Vintage Port is from an excellent vintage which is probably developing into a wine as fine as the 1963.  Multiple tastings have shown that this wine is consistent having a very fine nose of almonds, figs, prunes, & bittersweet chocolate.  It has a full bodied mouthfeel and is well balanced. Produced in the year of Warre’s  300th anniversary.


‘Gloriously vibrant wet violets nose.  What a marvellous mouthful of sweet, voluptuous roses and raisins. Superb- and so youthful.’  Serena Sutcliffe- Sotheby’s Catalogue 17/07/2002

‘Sweet, full bodied, rich, almost too rich and overpowering, with the perfect weight & balance I expect from Warre’s at it’s best.’  Michael Broadbent- Vintage Wine 01/01/2002

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